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1/7/07 07:13 pm - help me and my pain by being violent

If anyone is in or near toronto I ask a favour of you. There are some people I now do not like for A reason. I would like it very much if someone could go up to them and call them something to their face/ push their shoulders / pretend you cant hear them.....
their names are:
J.R. Bond
L. Kofman
S. Prokushkin
P.M. Vaudrevange

I am willing to swap things for anyone who wishing to carry out my vengence. I have a load of new photos of people i know and i will send them to anyone so you can hold in your hands , stick on your walls, attach to your bike or discard a photo of someone you do not know in excahnge for any act along the lines of those described above.

Physics people are bullys and we should not tolerate it.


1/3/07 06:08 pm

joe made oatmeal cookies today but they probably should've had raisins in them. and fake vanilla is rubbish.
also, joe and duncan made some cool pop up characters. here they are:

team pop upleave leaves leave leafrollo mamdeer hoestealling eggs leads to a five o'clock shadowginkiestreefellow drinky hot milkxxxmy cat got poisoned when i was 3. It was the tunacses

12/26/06 03:44 pm - super heros

this year was a fest of super heros...mothboy returned and sat around the lights for most of the eve only becoming restless when the fireworks went soaring. I always forget how much I love my house. Here are some phone snaps. I reccomend everyone comes and stays with me for a few days and we can walk into the valley and feel the solid ground and admire how the moles can still make soft soil appear.


12/26/06 03:44 pm - super heros

this year was a fest of super heros...mothboy returned and sat around the lights for most of the eve only becoming restless when the fireworks went soaring. I always forget how much I love my house. Here are some phone snaps. I reccomend everyone comes and stays with me for a few days and we can walk into the valley and feel the solid ground and admire how the moles can still make soft soil appear.

12/6/06 07:46 pm - badness turns gooodness


----I was made a mixtape and still didnt realise ----

10/23/06 02:16 pm - I feel quite tired

ive been very busy, im sorry to those who I havent had time to call, do stuff with, do nothing with and all that. Im sorry to those people I have said I will do something for them and not managed to furfill the promise , im sorry to those that I have said i will do aomething for and furfilled the promise not amazingly well.
I am now taking a night off.
I am sorting things out and I will be back in all your lives shortly.

special thoughts to:
karen (both)
corin,alice,jack,mat,luke and the demo people,

I all need to do things for you

I think I get the internet back shortlly and so should be very happy with being able to put pictures up again.

I have been enjoying these gigs:
comets on fire
curtains and their support
carla bozulich
jason lescalleet
James smith, patrick farmer and jonathan watts
pauline oliveros
tony conrad

and I will be enjoying this week
james blackwell+hush arbors (should be the best thing ever ever ever)


9/18/06 04:27 pm - smiles

Alot of stuff has happened over the last month, and I've just had one of the raddest weekends.
I will write about it all later when things are quiter

8/18/06 12:19 am - Five photos of people I know

I am very much looking forward to Scotland. I looked at some photos and got excited. I go next week.

Freya goes to India tomorrow morning. Conversations with her have been very nice and its nice to talk to her again. We have had some very good chats this week and I like the feeling of having her as back as someone I can talk to about my thoughts and ideas.

I am listening to someone play the recorder on the radio. It remains one of my favourite instruments (top five) - after many years of digust (leading to childhood revolt) - and I am pleased to announce that it will stay there until further notice.

Hair=silky as gold
Hands=so dry they hurt
Coffee=Extra Fancy



8/10/06 12:53 am - super duper fabo sitting down time plus ++

HARDWICK/SIMSON DUO - fabo yes yes good'o drone soundscapes was fun and lovely
HUSH ARBORS - squeaky american singer with higher squeaky talking tone told us stories of love and torment with his fingers whilst they danced hjoyfully over 6 strings of varying tension
AUTO DA FE - silly americans made fun music which was made better through weird creations fashioned by one member (cello stick!) was great fun.

joyfull night walking home was increased ten fold (but saddened slightly by finding Spanish friends who got back in contact with me, seem far away now which means a smaller amount of spanish and general given and recieved smiles and happyness) with the finding of a super looking tape stereo machine which was swung all the way home and found to have a tape of joyful piano parts within it. I listened to a tape that I was given by someone I loved and realised and thought about more things than I could ever talk or write of. (This tape is perfect).

Now my ears are treated to a wonderful cd of man HUSH ARBORS, he likes to sing alot about trees which is fine as he does it very nicely.

Ive draw alot and not liked a lot.

PLEASE SEND ME TAPES ----ANYONE 0 o 0 0 000ooo 0o -o0o 0 _~___ I want tapes from many people and I will listen to them on my slightly fucked tape machine and it will be fab'o.

good night

------So I just got another message from a friend who again I had lost their number. They said a simple but oh so nice sentence which has made me rise from my sleep. Friends are lovely and I really like having them. you are all loved a lot.

sleep tight anyone.

8/5/06 09:58 am

I have a crush

maybe its not a crush.....just I think i fancy someone....welll maybe I know i fancy them. I like them i know. Its strange. I do like them. I think they like me. We did a crossword (badly). We raved (wonderfully). She took the piss out of me. I bashed her with my clumsyness. She likes nice music. We walked from bar to bar with arms intangled. She is a friends friend and she messages me :). I sometimes can't speak as I have a silly grrin in mouth. I sat in my room with a friend and said gosh.

I think I like someone.


7/29/06 04:05 pm - for thoughts from before

Things im loving at the moment - skateboarding,narwhals,chickpeas,gods and moduli,crazy ways of counting.

7/6/06 03:41 pm

Kind of feeling really weird at the moment, think the heat has been getting to me. Was talking a lot last night to a guy ive known for a few months now but only really listened to before in conversations.... turns out hes a extremely nice guy, super nice infact and hes totally into drawing..... stoked.
THeres a spare room going in his flat for next year aswell which could be good.... not sure yet though.

im purely tired all the time at the moment and im getting pissed off with my work work but not with the learning work bit which im doing all the time now and not doing any of the work work bit oh dear... not listened to any new music since sonar which was wonderful. there are some wonderful pictures floating around of some peoples I went with, hmm ill find them..

anyway some things ive been up too recently:

I think im beginning to look like totoro for sure now....


6/7/06 03:57 pm - great!

phone purchasing and breaking can be such an annoyance....
- almost got run over 5 times yesterday
- company trying to deliver phones to aberdeen
- delivery time might be after i leave for sonar
- having to browse 'deals'
- not getting to do things with others
- spending my enitre time trying to get this phone
- oof

can I have everyones phone number please as everything is lost for ever ever ever


(getting more spac every second it seems - what can I do?)

5/10/06 03:10 am - World Service

This is how I feel at this exact moment right now. Ive had a lovely night. The world service has played a part in that. This is very nice.


5/4/06 11:49 am

I dreamt about far right christian politics and cars being turned over

5/1/06 02:00 pm - vamos a soñar

4/22/06 02:54 pm

rough colour poster and tshirt b and white

went to london and had a rad time with joe.
becks futures was good - sue should win
broke into the kippenberg exhibition at the tate modern. It was wonderful.

4/18/06 12:04 am - I have a happy cactus jumper

4/8/06 06:03 pm

The snow was perfect, the skies were blue, the fun was wonderful.
Maybe got a little to drunk a few times and wasnt the bestest of people at maintaing in the same place for very long, which some people didnt find to agreeable... but they got to realise I like walking around places when in a club (sober or otherwise) to see what everything is up to.
Lost a friends mask somehow, someone took it off me and then it was gone. I feel bad about this.
Met some really nice people, some really genuine people, funny people, some scary ones, some horrible ones.
Got some lovely tan lines on my forhead - quickly learnt not to wear my beanie so far back. ... burnt my lips pretty bad , but all is well now...
Hurt my ankle, was able to still ride though which was wonderful and so managed to Improved my riding alot.
Bus back was V hot and my weeks lack of sleep kicked in. No water also was a bit horrible.

Found a disposable camera aswell so should have some funny found photos.
Im hoping its of the rugby players all buffed up and well into themselves!!


3/31/06 05:34 pm

Off Snowboarding for a week tonight..... got my hit flask, 8 sheets of ultra neon card, a pencil, a pen, a bag of apples and a sandwidch by the name of "Houmungously Crunchy!"...

Im set and feel super excited. the place im going

The sun is a fucking rad place. I sometimes forget about that.

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